The Startup Therapy Couch: Reason 5 of 7 your startup is failing – “You took some bad advice”

Reason #5: You are getting (and taking) bad advice
You must surround yourself with smart, capable, qualified people when you’re building and running a business. You most likely will never be (and should NOT be) the smartest person in the room.

HOWEVER… Keep your eyes and ears open about the advice you’re getting. Consider the source of the advice, how much the person is familiar with your situation, and whether your gut is sending you signals to beware. Unsure if you’re getting bad advice? Ask other people, too!

The consequences of bad advice can be wasted time, wasted money, and even an ultimate failure in your business. You need to get really good at judging the advice coming your way, taking the good, and leaving the bad… Even if the bad comes from someone you trust and value highly!

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