Why Interactivity Is Crucial To Mobile Apps

App Prototype Interactivity Is Crucial

Back in the days of yore, when Ye Olde Worlde Widee Webe came out, there was very little interaction.  You visited a web site, read everything that interested you, looked at the visit counter (because those were important back then) and then probably clicked a link on the page to go somewhere else.  That was the extent of the interactivity of a web site.


Then things like JavaScript and videos came along and made the web more interactive.  Today, we take it for granted that websites and web applications are interactive.  So, you might be surprised at the number of app prototype design ideas that include very little interactivity.  In the rush to bring an app to market many developers and app design companies will try to push out something that is, in effect, the mobile version of what we used to call “brochureware”.  This was a web site that pretty much did nothing but tell you about a company or product.  It was the electronic equivalent of a three-fold brochure and about as useful.


But we’re in a different age now.  Interactivity is assumed, especially in mobile apps.  Apple will reject your app if does nothing more than act as a brochure or business card.  One can’t blame them, really.  It’s hard enough to make an app stand out amongst the three million other apps on the App Store; the last thing they want is that number increasing and the problem compounding because of a bunch of apps that don’t do anything.


As we always say, fundamentally your app should be about solving a problem.  Simply showing off your company or product is a problem best solved elsewhere.  Find a way to use the inherent interactive nature of a mobile app to solve a problem, and you’re golden!



Courtesy of Darrell Brogdon, CIO of Raika Technologies and GotAnAppIdea.com.


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