The Most Popular Types Of Mobile Apps

Popular App Design Ideas

Nowadays, it seems like there is an app for just about everything: from reading and learning to fitness goals; from becoming a better cook to improving your driving skills. There’s even an app for blowing out birthday candles! But do we really need all these apps? And do people who download all of these really use them, consistently and over time?

The reality of app development is that if you have no clear purpose for the problem you’re trying to solve and who you are solving that problem for, then you are likely wasting your time and money. Even if you did what was required to get your app idea into the app stores, no one will find it because you won’t be targeting a group that’s looking for it. When you create an app, you have to define the problem clearly, determine who are the people having that problem (your customers), and then do the research with those people to make sure your solution is an actual solution for THEM.

The most successful types of app design ideas (meaning the types of apps that have the most downloads and typically generate the most revenue), consistently fall into three categories:


Problem-solving apps

Problem-solving apps make it easier for people who need to accomplish particular tasks to do so. Examples include making it easier for customers to contact you and do business with you; facilitating common, automatable activities like checking in or booking travel or lodging or looking up train times; or purchasing a range of items.

Entertainment and game apps

Almost everyone is familiar with the concept of playing a game or spending time on a mobile device for the purpose of being entertained. YouTube’s app allows users to find cool, user-generated content and view it anywhere they have WiFi or cell service. Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush have become all the rage, with people often spending real money to play in a virtual world.

Added service apps

Some apps are useful for multiple purposes (business, personal, networking, etc.), and these apps become “lifelines” to users very quickly. Many of these exist in the communications space, such as Skype and WhatsApp. Developing a communication or productivity tool that people “can’t live without” is a great strategy for building a successful start-up, provided you’re solving a problem that real people have that no one else has solved, or that has not been solved quite right.


So, what’s the message? Build something that solves real people’s problems in a meaningful way, and you’re much more likely to win! Whether you’re providing a new entertainment option for a boring DMV wait, solving every day task completion issues, or providing new a communication mechanism, it’s all about real solutions to real problems for real people.


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