Mobile App Trends In 2019

2019 Mobile App Trends


2019 is yet another banner year for companies prioritizing the mobile experience for their customers and users. To meet your audience’s expectations, you should look at what’s trending in mobile application development and determine if the trends can improve or add to your customers’ experience.

Constant growth of IoT – (Internet of Things)

In 2019, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IoT are going to come together even more. Experts are convinced that artificial intelligence will help connect the various tools that people already use on a daily basis together in a more meaningful, life-improving way. Through machine learning, natural language processing, image recognition and decision making, IoT technologies are helping companies create more integrated experiences and helping automated technology better address people’s needs.

Mobile payments

In 2018, Google introduced simplified mobile payments through the Pay service, an app that combines Android Pay and Google Wallet into one, easier-to-use app. More companies will be developing applications like these, and we expect that these options for mobile payments will make it more convenient for users to transfer money and make payments online and via mobile devices. Experts estimate that 90% of people who own smart phones will make at least one payment via a mobile application by the end of 2020.

Android Instant apps

Google has developed a platform that allows Android app developers to build apps that do not have to be installed on the user’s device. Google believes that giving the user a chance to try out an app without having to install anything will encourage exploration of new apps that pop-up in the Google Play Store, reducing the barrier to entry for new apps and new app developers. Android Instant apps are available to all developers and can be used by the latest Android devices, beginning with version 5.0 (API level 21).


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