Tips For Translating Your Ideas Into Reality

android app development Ideas Turned Into Reality

Take a step back and breathe

When you first glimpse your vision or see the first spark of your idea, what usually follows is rabid excitement. Many people will jump right into trying to build out their vision, skipping a lot of very important steps between idea and execution.

If you want to translate your ideas into reality, you have to start at the beginning and walk each step with purpose, care and attention. This doesn’t mean giving up on or limiting your initial enthusiasm and excitement; that energy is GREAT and is necessary to go the distance to build your idea. It does mean that you need to spend time distilling down the problem you are trying to solve, thinking about who your target customers will be, and then finding out whether you are actually solving those people’s problem with your idea. 

Be your own biggest champion

You will need many people, for many reasons, throughout the journey of building your app idea into a meaningful business. It is up to you to continually hold the vision for what you want to create and communicate that early and often to those who join you along the way. You will be the one who sees the whole picture, who helps those working with you keep moving towards the goals defined, and who finds new people to add to the team.

BUT REMEMBER… If YOU don’t have your goals, the problem and its solution, and the vision for your idea and the resulting business clear and forefront in your mind, no one else will either! You are THE ONE that everyone who comes after you will look to for direction and take cues from about what should come next in the implementation and execution of your idea. BE the one.

Learn with confidence, act with confidence

You probably do not yet have all of the skills and knowledge you will need to successfully realize the vision of your idea. That’s ok! You are going to meet advisors, mentors and coaches along the way who will have great advice and help steer you in the right direction. Many of GotAnAppIdea’s clients will tell you that these people generally show up “just in time”: when you need it, it will be there. Trust these people and learn what they have to teach you confident in your ability to understand and assimilate the information in a positive way.

Just as important is ACTING with confidence. This is different than “fake it ‘til you make it” because you are not faking anything. Rather, you are confidently moving forward with the steps that are next to bring your idea into reality in the world, while humbly learning and gaining the skills you need to continue the journey. Said another way, any action you take, do it with confidence. Even if you fall flat on your face (and you’ll be in grand and plentiful company if and when you do), you won’t play the “what if” game and try to fix the past, when what’s really next to do is learn the lesson there is to learn and move forward.


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