Got An App Idea?

Be an Apptrepreneur (n) App entrepreneur; creator of a mobile app for business and profit

Building an app into a business is expensive and time-consuming. From software development to hosting and data managment to graphic design and user experience, you can easily spend $100,000 or more for the simplest app and spend 6 months or a year of your life working on getting your idea to market.

We've built hundreds of projects over our combined years of app, software and business development experience and offer a cheaper, faster way to determine whether your app can become a viable business. SAVE TIME AND MONEY!


Raika Technologies designed the Apptrepreneur brand programs to help potential app entrepreneurs just like you get answers from real users in your target market, to help you decide whether your idea can become a regular income stream, quickly and efficiently.

Define the Product

We conduct planning and design sessions to understand your app idea's core competency and target functionality

Identify the Market

We help you create target audience personalities and determine market viability definitions like pricing and revenue models, add-on and up-sell opportunities, and expected up-front investment

Build the Prototype

We build your app, focusing on core competency and base functionality, to be functional on iOS and Android devices and installed on your own target devices for demo purposes

Test the Market

Now you take your app and execute on the plans we've built for market testing with boots-on-the-ground app demos and actionable requests

Compile Feedback

We use the experience and feedback from your real target users to determine necessary shifts in your app's core functionality or in your target user personalities

Decision Point

We help you look at everything you've learned and assess the real viability of your idea to produce meaningful income and ROI expectations

Why Prototyping?


From back-of-the-napkin idea to functional app in 6 weeks or less*, prototypes are a great way to demonstrate core functionality


Prototyping produces a functional at a fraction of the cost, eliminating the need for a huge up-front investment in technologyand development


With your prototype in hand, you can get feedback from real users on pricing, features and idea viability... Real feedback from real users, fast!

Due Diligence - Fast and Cheap

Don't spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and a year of your life building an app without knowing if you have a viable market. We will work with you to define your app and your target market, build a functional prototype that you can put into the hands of potential customers to gain feedback and gauge interest, provide on-going coaching and business development support, and help you understand your gathered data to determine whether it's worth spending your precious time and hard-earned money getting a full product to the marketplace.

Case Study: Political Smackdown

Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton
Nancy Pelosi
Paul Ryan
John Hickenlooper

Political Smackdown is a game originially thought-up during the rather tumultuous and polarizing 2016 election cycle and was designed to be an outlet for venting frustration in a fun way.

Our team helped the app's creator design the initial prototype, created basic graphics and interactions, and identified target user personas. We then spent three months market testing the idea, getting feedback from real people using the app, and refining the final product based on feedback and watching user interactions.

Play the interactive game now!

To Play: Choose your favorite (or least favorite) politico using the link under the picture.

Choose a sticker from the options below the politico. Positive stickers will produce a happy reaction; negative stickers will produce the opposite. Some politicos have special action stickers that do fun things specific to their personalities.

Swipe or tap without a sticker just to vent frustration!

News and Press

Apptrepreneur Options and Pricing

Introductory Analysis


60-90 minute conference call

Market and competitive analysis

2-4 page analysis report

Next steps and options recommendation

The Startup Program

Call for Pricing

Design and product definition sessions

Market research and analysis materials produced

Funcitonal, self-contained prototype for demo purposes

Weekly conference calls

Data compilation and interpretation

Final ROI analysis and next steps and recommendations

Build It

Call for Pricing

Contact us for information about building a prototype of your project or a fully functional app or software project that is production ready

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Get the best in mobile application prototype and design help

What general guidelines should I consider while developing my app?

Several principles generally guide the development of a mobile app. Creating an application that benefits the end-user should always be the guiding light of designing and developing an application. How will this new app make the customer’s life a bit easier by providing a solution to a problem? Always consider the benefit of the end product when designing and developing an app. If it doesn’t solve a problem or at least minimize some difficulty, will users continue to see the benefit of your product? Most likely not.

You must also consider the device and the platform. Would the end-user find this application more beneficial on a smartphone than say a desktop? Is its intended use better suited to a web application? Should it be available to users on both mobile devices and on a desktop environment? Different devices (whether smartphone, tablet, or computer) offer various benefits and features. Consider how the device would impact the design and the user experience; for example, would it be a game changer for the end-user if you harnessed the power of a smartphone’s accelerometer? You’ll need to consider the different mobile operating systems when creating your app. Android and iOS have different OS design guidelines, so those should always be referred to when creating an app.

What is application prototype development and why do I need it?

Prototyping allows you to demo your app, gain feedback and insight on how consumers will use your product, and then make adjustments based on that feedback. Prototyping allows you to test the functionality and see how a user will interact with your application without having to invest in the actual building of an app (i.e., save money and time). App prototyping helps you to explore ideas and solutions at the beginning of the development process. Prototyping helps you to identify potential improvements in the product before you take it to market.

We can save you time and money through the prototyping and design phases of app development to determine the viability of your mobile application idea. Our mobile app designers and developers apply a design system that will help your app design and web design process to be practical, streamlined, and useful to the end-user and their experience.

I have an idea for an app, now what?

We are here to help you through that process. Reach out to us here, and we’ll get started on making your idea a reality. In the meantime, we suggest you define your concept for an app as clearly as possible. What are the features of your application? What are the benefits to the end-user? Who will be using your app? What problem are you solving, and how painful or important is that problem to your users? If you can, sketch a visual of how you envision the application, but don’t worry; if graphics aren’t your jam, we have the team to create a wireframe for you.

What criteria should I consider when hiring a developer to design and create my mobile or web application?

When searching for an app developer, first ask to see their portfolio of work to determine if the apps that they have developed align with your needs, style, and approach. Typically, developers will keep a body of work on their website for you to review. Their portfolio is an excellent way to see if they are credible and a company with which you want to work.

Ask the designer how they approach the build process. You’ll want to know timelines and the process for this project before you embark on it with any team.

Ask the mobile app development firm if you can speak to previous clients about their experience. Talking to past clients is another powerful way to find out what development firms were successful and worked well with their clients.

Find out who will be communicating with you regarding your project and its status. Will you have a designated member of the team like a product manager? How often will the development team be in touch?

Request timelines and target dates for the design and development of your mobile application. It’s unlikely (even unreasonable) for them to give you an exact date since there will always be unknowns throughout the process, but an experienced and professional application development firm should be able to provide timelines and keep you updated on the progress and changes in timelines throughout the project.

Be sure to ask potential app developers about the maintenance process after completion of your mobile or web application. You’ll want to know if they’ll be available after the launch of your application to resolve bugs and updates after you release the product to the public. It is also important to understand the warranty period for your project, and make sure you are fully testing and validating what your software team is putting out to ensure you catch major issues within the warranty period.

Should my app be built for multiple mobile platforms, both Android and iOS?

Android and iOS own the majority (roughly 97%) of the mobile market share, so it’s practically imperative to build an app for both operating systems. If you have to choose between the two, perhaps because of budget or target deadlines, Android has a larger share of the market than iOS. However, we recommend you strongly consider developing for both the Android and iOS operating systems. There are many useful software development tools that will help cut down on the cost of building for multiple mobile operating systems, and any professional development team should be able to speak to those options and their viability for your particular project. These can save not only money, but also time, because a single code base is used to build the final product for both Android and iOS devices. When our team builds your app, we follow the guidelines of both native operating systems to ensure that your app makes it through the review process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

How do you approach Android and iOS mobile app development?

As a mobile app design company, we know that you need the right tool to make your mobile application design useful to your potential customers and end-users. You may not be an expert in app development, but we have topnotch UI and UX designers right here at Got An App Idea. To develop a useful Android or iPhone app, you need the best skills along with access to great tools for analysis, planning, and prototyping. We are the one-stop app development firm where you can find the most skilled professionals in UI and UX design, mobile app development, and web design together.

Where can I find the top mobile app development companies?

Our team at Got An App Idea has years of experience and hundreds of developed apps under our belts. We’re your trusted experts in design, development, and taking apps to market. Feel free to read over our case study, subscribe to our podcast, and read our blog. We’re happy to discuss what makes us the best app design and development firm. Feel free to submit a contact form here or give us a call at 720-772-9859.

How do I come up with good mobile app ideas?

Chances are you have already had an idea for an app that you think would be phenomenal, but here are a few prompts that can help you brainstorm a new app idea. Think about the problems that you encounter in your day-to-day life, both at home and at work, that you want to be solved. Is there a better way to start your day, receive communication at work, or do chores around the house? Are there gaps in services that could be fixed or eliminated? Keep a journal of problems or issues that you encounter and consider ways that an app could reduce frustration or make something more straightforward.

How do you approach mobile app planning?

If you are interviewing or researching mobile app development companies, you’ll see that their tactics to make your idea for an app a reality will vary from company to company. We’ve developed a transparent process that helps potential app entrepreneurs like you get from idea to finished product without wasting your valuable time and money. We will work with you to define and document your mobile application concept and help you brainstorm further ideas. We will help you clarify who your target audience is, and then research any similar apps to understand what competition already exists and how those apps differ from your idea. We will create a list of functional and technical specifications to clarify further what the product is and does. Then we prepare a flowchart or wireframe to help visualize your app. After we have nailed down what the product is, we’ll discuss with you the technical feasibility of your app idea.

What exactly is UX and UI design? Why do I need to consider it when looking for an app developer?

UX and UI are both critical components of good design, but they are often used interchangeably even though they are two different beasts. User experience design, or UX design, relates to the more analytical or structural elements of design, whereas UI design is concerned with the graphics or aesthetic component of application design.

Think of UX design as the blueprint to a house. It considers how a user will use the application and how the application can benefit the customer with ease of use and usability, just like a blueprint of a house considers how a person will use the space and how different rooms flow into one another. So if UX design is the house blueprint, then UI is the interior design. Still keeping in mind functionality and ease of use, UI design is responsible for the look and feel, branding, and how the user interacts with the application.

Both design elements are crucial when developing an app. Imagine trying to design a room without knowing it’s dimensions or how it connects to other rooms on the floor, or conversely, imagine trying to sell a house based on blueprints alone. You’ll need a firm who has experience and understands the value of both UX and UI design.

What are your application development steps and services?

We at Got An App Idea are experts in designing, developing, and building apps, but we also want to ensure that your application is successful. Our design and development services include the following steps:

  1. Define your Product
  2. Identify the Market
  3. Build the Prototype
  4. Test the Market
  5. Compile Feedback

Click here to learn more about our process.

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Who We Are

Cynthia Delaria


Cynthia brings a unique skillset and over 20 years of experience to the Raika executive team. Her background began primarily in UI development, and transitioned throughout her career through the entire stack. However, she discovered early on that she possessed a natural ability to see new business opportunities, build profitable revenue models, discover prime and emerging target markets, and build efficient teams. As a result, she has built, run and sold several companies in her career, as well as consulted for many other companies to take underperforming software teams and products and turn them into cash cows.

Grant Parks


Grant can fix any ugly piece of code and is an architectural master. He has over 30 years of experience in design, delivery and support of medium and enterprise-scale systems across a wide range of industries on heterogeneous platforms. He provides excellent technical leadership for development staff of all levels of experience and is relentless in pursuit of process improvement and best practices. Grant has a track record of marrying advanced concepts with current technologies to produce efficient, high-performing systems and drive advancements in development, as well as consistent improvement of business user experience through standardization and automation.

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Darrell is the resident DevOps experts, in addition to being a well-versed full-stack developer, developing web sites and web applications since the mid 1990’s. His past projects include and He is a graduate of the inaugural Denver class of the Founder Institute.